Wednesday, 4 September 2013


One day Anjali (Sai Tamhankar) comes and asks Insp.Babulal (Mukesh Tiwari) to lodge a complaint, to which the Insp says that he would solve any crime without writing an FIR, but Anjali insists and says she has been Raped - Raped by none other but the Chief Minister (Aanjjan Srivastav) of that state.
Insp. Babulal gets a shock and asks her to leave immediately. Anjali goes, but only to return this time with her lawyer Shivam (Chirag Patil). Adamant not to write a complaint and more because Insp feels that his job is at stake, he asks Shivam also to go away from there. Shivam instead calls up the media.
Chaos breaks loose in the political circle. The Ruling party president Tiwari (Mohan Joshi), the M.P. Bajrangi (Milind Gunaji), the MLA Ramlal (Adi Irani) the Block President (Anant Jog) and the C.M. Abhay Sing Tomar (Anjan Srivastav) his PA - Banwari (Mushtak khan) and local party representative of the village — Phumman (Asrani) are all in a state of shock.
The opposition party leader Anubhav (Manoj Joshi) at once highlights the whole issue so that his dream of becoming the C.M. is fulfilled.
Even the Mahila Samaj President (Anjula Singh Mahur) who fight for the cause of women arrive on the scene and the issue becomes a nationwide talk with not only the media highlighting the whole issue but also a war in the political circle - with one wanting to out beat the other.
................ Does Anjali get Justice ?
.............. What happens to such a Chief Minister who is charged with rape of a girl less than half his age?
................ What is the reaction of the nation towards this issue ?
.............. Is the Govt. to blame for such dastardly acts of one person in their party?

To get the answers to these and many more questions wait & watch "Wake Up India"